“Solavei is the only sim I’ll stick in my Nexus 4″

Posted Jan 26, 2013 at 8:57 pm in Threads > Opinions

Let me start by saying that I love Android and Me, read it every day, and it’s one of my favorite Android sites, if not my favorite. I enjoy the writing team, their attitudes, perspectives, predictions, and in general I enjoy the culture created by the Android and Me team and fan base.

As a long time EM+, no-contract, tmo customer, and a general supporter of non-contract plans, I was pleased to see Android and Me writing an article on the various non-contract options. The article listed many options, including Solavei, and appeared to be a non-biased assessment of the options. Then there were several more articles where slowly a bias towards Solavei seemed to emerge. Now, I have no problem with any of the Android and Me team making a few bucks as sponsors for Solavei, but it seems things have escalated and now there is a gigantic Solavei ad on the home page linked directly to Clark’s Solavei account.

I’d like to think that the success thus far with Android and Me has resulted in decent financial gains. Excellent. I’m rooting for you guys, and hope you all become millionaires, but please consider not using Android and Me as a means to making money through Solavei sponserships for your personal gain. Some, in other industries, may even go as far as calling this “selling out”.

I’m not saying you should take the ad down, there is no harm in advertising revenue, but please consider removing the link to Clark’s account, and that obnoxious quote.

Long time reader that isn’t going anywhere.