Tegra 4 coming to CES 2013, new features…

Posted Dec 17, 2012 at 6:47 pm in Threads > News


Tegra 4 is coming to CES 2013. What will be a great feature for the Tegra successor? Tell us, what would you like?

- Higher clockspeed
- More cores
- Integrated LTE (or Bluetooth, WiFi, Widi, NFC)
- Smarter power management (consuming less power)
- Smaller SOC
- Better GPU
- flexible/bending chips
- Replaceble RAM modules
- Secondary bootloader as backup

Endless possible features that would be nice to see in the new Tegra SOC’s.
Tell me what would you like to see in Tegra 4?

Maybe next year’s X-mas 25 days of Tegra 4 giveaways?