Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Camera

Posted Aug 30, 2012 at 10:56 pm in Threads > Entertainment

4.8 inch LCD display with 720p screen at 308 ppi
3g+4g+WiFi+GPS micro sim and microsd card only (Does not have phone function)
1.4 ghz quad-core processor
16mp+21x optical zoom+android 4.1 point and shoot
8gb internal storage+1650 mAh battery

This thing has crazy specs but I don’t see this being sought after by consumers.
What are your opinions?There have been products like this (Altek Leo 14mp, probably no one has heard of it).
The Galaxy Camera has crazy specs for a camera phone. The android part is redundant imo. It is too awkwardly shaped to be used as an android device (the butt part sticks out too much). Samsung has good sensors but why put android on a camera. In the end this is just a camera with great specs with android on it. I don’t see people using it.