[Video] Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Replaces The PC [ColdFustion]

Posted Dec 09, 2012 at 2:33 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I thought this video was very cool and just had to share it with you guys

Can any of you see a Smart phone replacing a PC?

With ARM developing so fast. Cortex A15 seeing a significant increase in performance per core at the same clock rate as a Cortex a9 chip, Mobile GPUS by PowerVR, Qualcomm, ARM (mali) and nVidia are all also increasing in performance at such an alarming rate. I could see ASUS Padfone/Transformer/HDMI desktop/tv dock/Game controller combo, easily replacing a PC, tablet, laptop and even a gaming console all in one device (Smartphone)

Dock the Phone in the Padfone style tablet housing to use as a tablet, then into the Transformer keyboard style dock for laptop style keyboard and mouse usage.

Dock into a HDMI mhl style dock, or maybe use miracast, to use as a desktop pc with BT keyboard and mouse. Or use on your tv.

The UI would need some work transitioning to each device. For example adding a task bar at bottom of screen when docked in laptop or desktop mode. Big tv layout (Steam big picture like) when connected to TV etc.