What would it take to get you to pull the trigger on a Smartwatch?

Posted Jul 01, 2013 at 6:46 pm in Threads > Opinions

I’ve been thinking pretty serious about smartwatches lately. I think they sound fun, look cool, and have the potential to be pretty functional. I’ve preordered a pebble, but when you do that they don’t charge you any money. So I’ve made zero commitment so far. I’ve been watching what smartwatches may be coming out and thinking about what features mean the most to me. Here’s my list:

  • alerts for general notifications (email, sms, incoming calls)
  • the ability control music
  • I’d like to be able to use it for exercise, mainly running and keeping track of pace
  • I want it to look nice and have cool watch faces

Then, these things I’d like to have, but aren’t a feature of the pebble watch yet, basically making the phone more hands-free:

  • the ability to place a call, like picking a number from your favorites list
  • maybe do voice searches, making it almost like a dick tracy watch (this one isn’t completely necessary)

So what do you think? I like how hackable the pebble watch seems if ifftt, but maybe Google will pull something out pretty special? Do any of you have the pebble watch? Would you recommend? What features are you hoping to see in future watches? What features would make you want to pull the trigger on a smartwatch?