Would you give up LTE for a Quad Core CPU?

Posted May 03, 2012 at 3:38 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

We all saw it with the HTC One X and it sounds like we’re going to see it again with the Galaxy S III. The latest/greatest quad-core processors don’t play nicely with LTE, or at least not nicely enough to be profitable enough for the manufacturers. So because of this, the US is getting dual-core S4 chips instead of Tegra 3 or quad-core Exynos chips.

Sure, the S4 chips are very nice, arguably just as good for day-to-day things. But they seem to fall behind when running on software optimized for quad core chips. And face it, more and more software will be optimized as time goes on making this a more and more important question. Afterall, we’re not interested in the quad core chips because today’s software needs it. We’re interested in it because of tomorrow’s software.

So what are your thoughts? Would you give up LTE in order to get a quad-core CPU? Or would you rather have that faster LTE connection at the expense of two cores?