Your Android History

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Android History

Everyone here loves Android, am I right!!! XDD Well I thought up of a little idea for everyone to divulge their Android history.

Maybe you started off with regular old cell phone. Maybe you started off with a bad ass flagship smartphone. It would be great to hear everyone’s past, present, and even future of their android device library~!

Are there any devices that stood out for you? Any devices that made you say, “AAwww hell NO!” to a manufacturer?

I’ll start off by saying I was quite resistant to the Android game for financial and parental reasons. So at first I had a nifty little cell phone from Nokia on virgin mobile (see×240.jpg).

After that I moved onto a Motorola phone on verizon which was a huge step up for me. It kinda looked like a fat Razr. All of you know the UI from 5 or so years ago?

Then I moved on to one of my all time favorite cell phones, the Samsung Trance (see Micro SD card slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack. That phone was a killer slide phone! It had a very sleak piano black finish and a very thin chrome trim.

After that about 2 years ago I had my first android phone substitute: The Galaxy Player 4.0 (Yp-Gb1). It was a birthday present from my parents that was imported from Korea. It started on froyo and boy that is a great device. Long story short it was upgraded to gingerbread about a year later and has excellent battery life. I still use it today as my main media player and at times crunchy roll and casual gaming.

Then I purchased an Asus Transformer a short while later. All together it is a wonderful device. I encountered a little trouble with custom roms (Google did not release HC source code + I was a beginner). But again I still use it today and it couldn’t be more perfect! XD Although my mom has it right now cause she wants to perfect her high score in Word Pop~ I miss my baby!

I finally jumped on the smartphone market with the Galaxy Nexus. I got this bad boy as a present with the promise of paying $200 upfront for the data plan~ Since then I’ve been flashing Roms galore (Liquid Smooth seems to be my favorite). The camera definitely matches, maybe even outperforms, a dedicated 8mp camera from Samsung that I own. The almost lag free shutter is a huge plus. Overall it’s a wonderful phone that has surely changed my view of how a smartphone should be.

For the future I might just stick with it for a view more generations on the tablet side and wait for and Asus device with the Tegra 4 ;) As for smartphones, heck, I might just go for Samsung again~ But maybe the future generations of the Asus padphone will be a strong contender?

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